Does hypnotherapy work on everyone?

Yes, Hypnotherapy is used in hospital by doctors to sedate their patient for some medical interventions.

We all experience trance state at some point in our day. If you are able to sleep, you are able to be hypnothise.

Of course, if you “fight it” and really want to stay conscious then the hypnotherapy won’t work.

Most people who try hypnotherapy report they had a great feeling of relaxation while it’s still quite mild

Ca we do the consultation face-to-face

I do not usually offer consultation in person. Hypnotherapy is mainly about hearing my voice and being in a relaxed state. I actually realised that people feel more relaxed in the comfort of their home (in their bed or sofa).

The experience is therefore the same or better than in person. 

However, I do all my consultations on video, as I find it way better to communicate with my clients.

Also, you will receive the recording of the session so if for any reason you didn’t feel great on the day, you’ll have the opportunity to re-listen to the mp3 at home.

How does hypnotherapy session works?

The hypnotherapy session is 45min. We have a chat about your experience of smoking in the past few days. 

Then for about 30min I will get you into an hypnotic state. 
It’s very mild and is very gradual. (nothing compared to stage hypnosis that takes few seconds)

Do you offer hypnosis to help on other topics

Yes I do. Feel free to email me to ask me more details


Does it work if I used nicotine patches and didn’t quit

Nicotine patch (or vaping) or any other substitutes are helping to cope with the chemical addictions.

Smoking is however mainly (90%) a mental addiction.

This is why my clients often find it a little bit hard at the beginning as their body fights to flush nicotine from their systems but feel better every day.

The withdrawal syndrome from nicotine cannot last more than one week (in most cases it’s 48hrs even for heavy smokers)

Does it work if I vape (e-cigarette)

People who vape suffer the same addiction than smoker. A mental addiction where they feel they are not in control of their actions.

With I Quit you do retake control over these actions. The mechanism is exactly the same.

Of course, there are subtle differences but as I Quit is fully personalised vaping is simply a criteria I take into account

How does the money-back guarantee works

If you feel -for any reason- I wasn’t able to help. Just message me (I will be in touch on WhatsApp anyway), and I will refund you right away.