Want to stop smoking?

You can quit next week for good. The answer is in your brain.


The Science Behind I Quit™

Your brain operates two decision making processes: System 1 and System 2.

System 1 thinking is fast, intuitive, unconscious thought.
Most everyday activities (like driving, talking, cleaning, etc.), and also addictions and habits make heavy use of System 1.

The type 2 system is slow, calculating, conscious thought.
When you're doing a difficult math problem or thinking carefully about a philosophical problem, you're engaging the system 2. Smoking is never driven by this part of your brain.

When you try to stop smoking using your 'willpower' in reality you are only simply activating the wrong part of your brain.

“It is now clear that people who can modify their System 1 brain are more successful at changing their habits or addiction”

Daniel Kahneman,

Author of Thinking, Fast and Slow. Nobel Prize

When it comes to smoking there is a conflict between the two systems...



System Two is the right tool when you need to plan your holidays. But it’s not designed to change primitive-inherited actions such as addictions or habits. It’s like trying to nail with a screwdriver.

In order to retrain your System One brain you need to:

1. Conscientize how your body and mind when you smoke

2. Embed this learning through hypnotherapy

3. Sustain this work with 1-1 coaching

By using the power of your brain you actually use its power rather than fighting against it. As a result, people who follow this program*

Survey on clients who tried  cold turkey method vs I Quit method

The Program


We’ll have a consultation to help you better understand how your brain works. I will then provide you personalised tools for you to reflect on your actions. From this point you’ll start regaining control.


This is where you will have your personalised hypnotherapy session. We will embed all the learnings you’ve experienced in your System 1. This is your last day as a smoker / vaper.


You will have the recording of your hypnotherapy session. I will stay in touch on Whatsapp on a regular basis. This will help you stay focused and overcome any potential cravings.

About Me

I spent my whole career applying neuro-science principles when designing digital products for my clients. When you perform an action in line with how your brain functions, you are not anymore swimming against the current, you use the power of the current to swim where you want to go. You do things more efficiently, with no effort, and it becomes sustainable.

When I discovered the power of this approach with smokers, I decided to create the I Quit method.

My personal ambition is to empower all smokers / vapers to quit for good. What gets me up in the morning is to know I will help smokers to live a better life. I offer complimentary consultation if you want to have a chat. I usually share personalised tips to help you start your quitting process.


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